The Genetics and Genomics Company

Deeper genetic insights

The company specializes in genomic & genetic diagnostics to enable diagnosis and risk analysis using an individual’s genetic data to ensure personalized treatment.

Confidence and quality

The Company believes in providing quality testing reports & services that has instilled confidence of patients in us from many years.

Faster time to answer

The Company is committed to give fast answers to patients to enable them to have informed treatment without compromising on the quality, reliability or confidentiality.

Genetic counseling

Patient pretest and post test genetic counseling available from qualified genetic counselors regarding the benefits, limitations, and results of the test analysist.


iLife Discoveries offers an innovative test menu of unique genetic & genomic tests especially in Cancer & Neuro psychiatry.

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iLife Discoveries offers integrated R&D & contract research services and solutions in area of Genomics Proteomics, Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Molecular Diagnostics.

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