• Thanks to the alliance between AB-Biotics and iLife Discoveries, India will be the first Asian country to commercially test this product, which is currently available in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico and will be introduced shortly in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.
  • The inclusion of therapeutic algorithms, specially adapted to the genetics of Asian populations, makes Neuropharmagen® the worldwide reference for personalised medical tools in the field of neuropsychiatry.
  • iLife Discoveries is a pioneering company in the creation and commercialisation of genetically-based products, and in the development of personalised medicine in China.

The Spanish biotechnology company AB-Biotics, listed in the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB), has reached an agreement with iLife Discoveries to commercialise the Neuropharmagen® genetic test in India.

iLife began commercialisation of Neuropharmagen in the Indian market this November, where an estimated 5% of the population (more than 60 million people) will suffer from some kind of mental disorder during their lives. More than 200 doctors and 1200 representatives are to take part in test presentation activities throughout the Indian subcontinent, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The agreement between AB-Biotics and iLife Discoveries includes test validation and commercialisation for the Indian market, and collaboration in the development of new and innovative solutions in the field of pharmacogenetics; one of Spanish biotechnology’s specialist fields. iLife Discoveries has the most advanced laboratory and the leading genetics team in India.

“This agreement allows us to introduce innovative technology into India for the treatment of patients with psychiatric illnesses; an area which has grown enormously in this country and is in need of innovation,” explain AB-Biotics founders Sergi Audivert and Miquel Ángel Bonachera. “This is the first AB-Biotics product to arrive to India, a market with enormous growth potential and of great interest for our company’s international expansion phase.”

What is Neuropharmagen®?

Neuropharmagen®, developed by AB-Biotics, is an analytical test which helps identify the most suitable medication for each individual neuropsychiatric patient, via DNA analysis carried out using a sample of saliva and an exclusive computer algorithm.

Neuropharmagen® is currently available in several countries; in Spain, directly commercialised by AB-Biotics, in Brazil, via GlaxoSmithKline, in Mexico, via Scienta Farma, and has recently been launched in Italy under FB Health. India is the first Asian country to commercialise Neuropharmagen®.

About AB-Biotics

AB-Biotics is a Spanish biotechnology company which focuses on research, development, protection and distribution of its own exclusive biotechnology solutions designed to improve people’s health and well-being. Its areas of activity include pharmacological test development, probiotics and other functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Since 2010, AB-Biotics has been listed in the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB).