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Qualitative Kinetics Assays


Screen target’s best binder

In the screening of the best target binder out of multiple candidates with approximately same affinity, BLI technology service helps in quickly and easily determining if multiple clones share the same epitope or recognize different regions of the target protein and eliminating the binders.


With the BLI technology, it is now quick and easy to detect different antibody isotypes in the presence of background proteins. A biosensor immobilized with an anti-species antibody will capture that particular antibody from a crude mixture, such as a hybridoma sup. Exposure to a series of isotype-specific antibodies provides a sandwich format for quickly identifying the antibody’s isotype out of a crude mixture.


Screening for potential binding pairs now takes a fraction of the time it would have taken through traditional method with our BLI service.

Optimal binding pair selection can greatly speed up the time needed to create new binding assays such as an ELISA. By immobilizing a single ligand onto the eight biosensors, the binding of any analytes loaded into the 96-well sample plate can be quickly detected. Once the assay is complete, a qualitative assessment of the results will identify which analytes bound best to the immobilized ligand.


For the process of selection and screening of the Hybridoma cell lines for secreting antibodies, BLI service from iLife Discoveries offers Rank Affinity measurements. This allows comparing off rates from the panel of crude supernatants which allow investigators to make more informed choice about which antibody to pursue.

The BLI technology is also used for the determinatin of Binding Constants. Once a monoclonal Antibody has been developed and purified antibody is available, a complete kinetics experiment can be performed on BLI platform to determine Antibody-Antigen affinity.


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