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Quantitation of Proteins

Label-free technologies offer an ideal solution for reducing the bottlenecks in bioprocessing to ensure high product quality and improve efficiencies. iLife’s analytical capabilities provide particular value in applications where existing methods such as HPLC and ELISA have limitations in throughput, performance and workflow.

With full-plate antibody quantitation in 32 minutes, provide label-free quantitation of antibodies or other proteins that are critical to:

  • Early cell culture screening
  • Protein purification
  • Cell line selection for optimization of antibody production

Accurate antibody quantitation is critical to the selection of cell lines for development and the optimization of bioreactor titers in production. Traditional measurement methods include ELISA, HPLC, nephelometry, and densitometry. Drawbacks to these methods include long analysis times, lack of specificity, labor-intensive protocols, and variable imprecision.


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